Strategic Objective: To promote sustainable ecosystem rehabilitation and management, and equitable access to environmental resources including water, pasture, range and land.


  1. Sustainable water resource management and regional cooperation in water management in the ASALs.
  2. Enhance sustainable pasture, land and environmental management systems.
  3. Promote sustainable management of renewable energy.
  4. Support sustainable ecosystem rehabilitation, biodiversity, conservation and management.
  5. Support research and human capital development in ecological restoration, ecosystem management, environment and natural resources.
  6. Promote dry land production and productivity, research, technology innovation and patents, seed certification and seed networks.
  7. Ensure gender equity and women empowerment in planning and management of natural resources.
  8. Promote wide adoption of appropriate technologies and adaptation strategies to climate change.
  9. Inter-institutional collaboration and partnership for harmonization and support  of regional capacity building training curricular / programs for ASALs’ pastoral and agro-pastoral development.
  10. Support and enhance partnerships at all levels.
  11. Harmonized and enabling policies on sustainable natural resources and environmental management within the IGAD region at all levels. 
  12. Support Climate Change Resilience building programs.


IGAD Regional Civil Society Drylands Governance Facility (CSO Facility)