The IGAD Secretariat, IGAD Member States and such number and composition of partners as will be determined by IGAD Secretariat from time to time constitute the IGAD institution referred to as the IGAD Regional Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Platform, hereafter referred to as “the Regional Platform”. 

Regional Platform on Drought Resilience and Sustainability: 

The Regional Platform for Drought Resilience and Sustainability to provide a mechanism to coordinate the identification, prioritization and elaboration of national and regional interventions aimed at building drought resilience in the IGAD arid and semi-arid lands, has been launched.   

At regional level, the Platform comprises of:

  • General Assembly:  A forum for all participating stakeholders of the resilience agenda in the region, which provides strategic direction towards the execution of IDDRSI strategy.
  • Steering Committee:  Composed of representatives of member states, development partners, non-governmental organisation, IGAD-Secretariat, among others. The primary role of the Steering Committee is to provide policy guidance and recommendation on the implementation of IDDRSI strategy. 
  • Platform Coordinating Unit (PCU): It is the executive arm of the platform with the mandate to coordinate the implementation of IDDRSI strategy at national and regional levels.