IGAD Drought Resilience Platform Steering Committee and General Assembly Meetings

IGAD Drought Resilience Platform Steering Committee and General Assembly Meetings 

Entebbe, Uganda, 9 – 11 May 2018 

The next meeting of the IDDRSI Platform meetings is planned to be held in Entebbe, Uganda, on 9 – 11 May 2018. The Steering committee will be held on 10 May 2018 and will be preceded by the meeting of the IDDRSI Forum on 9 May 2018. This will be followed by the meeting of the IDDRSI Platform General Assembly on 11 May 2018.

What is special about the forthcoming meetings of the IDDRSI Platform?

The forthcoming meetings of the IDDRSI Platform (Steering Committee and General Assembly meetings), will be crucial in shaping the future and success of IDDRSI. The meetings will:

1. Receive and discuss the results and recommendations of the reports of the recently concluded review and assessment of the progress in the implementation of IDDRSI in the IGAD region

2. Serve as an opportunity to redesign or re-affirm the manner in which the IDDRSI Platform should henceforth be managed for efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of IDDRSI.

3. Discuss the nature and scope of the interventions and methods of work to be adopted for execution

4. Consider nominations for the membership of the new Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Committee, to serve for the next 5 years.

Through IDDRSI, the implementation of IGAD’s plan to end drought emergencies, build drought resilience and achieve growth and sustainable development in the Horn of Africa is promising. IDDRSI is so far the region’s most versatile development prototype, which has evolved into a formidable integrative force that has become an effective rallying point to drive the region’s development agenda, championing new levels of partnership and cooperation. 



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