Strategic Objective: Strengthen and support equitable and safe access to livelihoods and basic social services.


  1. Enhance equitable access to resources, organized markets and social services (including pasture, range, land, energy, water, sanitation, health, education and pro-poor financial services
  2. Enhance livestock, fisheries and wildlife health, production, processing, marketing, trade and management.
  3. Enhance bio-security and bio-safety of ASAL production systems, products, trade and mobility systems 
  4. Enhance agricultural production and productivity
  5. Enhance income diversification
  6. Promote productive social and safety nets
  7. Support women involvement, participation and representation in decision making on livelihoods support and provision of basic social services
  8. Promote bio-resources and bio-security of pastoral production and value chains
  9. Support research and human capital development in livelihood support and basic social services; and 
  10. Promote equitable access to education, healthcare, safe water and sanitation