The IGAD GIS & RS serves a wide range of users in member states and the different IGAD offices in spatial data analysis. The services is provided by a team of professionals from IGAD Secretariat and different IGAD Specialized centers.  The major activities are:

    1.  Spatial data warehousing

      • satellite imageries: very high resolution commercial images for clusters and medium resolution for the entire region. Multi year low resolution , daily , weekly and monthly spatial data for the region.

      • Basic spatial data: Administrative boundary up to three level details, location settlements, infrastructure, etc

      • Thematic geospatial datasets: hydrological data, geology, vegetation, soil characteristics, etc.

      • Value added analytical geospatial data: Conflict hotspots, drought prone areas, etC

      • Metadata

    2.  Spatial data warehousing

      • Need assessment for IGAD offices and few member states already conducted

      • Modular curricula and training development for application of GIS and Remote sensing in IGAD.

      • Capacity building for GIS professionals from IDDRSI focal institution to start soon

    3. GIS Analysis and mapping  (with focus on  cross border co-operations)

      • Land cover

      • Water resources

      • Livestock routes

      • Health for humans and livestock

      • Rangelands condition

      • Cross border resources

      • Climate change

      • Conflicts 

      • Market access

      • Topographic analysis

      • etc

  1. Policy and standardization on data production and sharing

    • Planned to support initiation of SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure ) for member countries in 2015

    • Standardization of products and services within the different IGAD offices

  2. Products and Services Delivery:

    • Support technical managers/subject matter specialist in GIS analysis directly

    • Statistical and spatial time series data generation

    • Digital maps and hard copy prints

    • Web portal; the IGADGeonode

    • CDs

  3. The IGAD GIS team

The IGAD GIS team constellation: The team is conceived to be comprised of professional from IGAD Secretariat and its Specialized Centers. With coordination role being played by the Secretariat, CEWARN, ICPALD and IRAPP GIS and Remote Sensing professional provide much the IGAD services and products for the region. The team meets regularly to work out on common issues to mainstream the service within all IGAD programmes and member states.