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IGAD CSO-Dry lands Research Reports

Persistent and widespread drought coupled with food insecurity and a lack of resilience to shocks is a recurrent feature of arid and semi-arid drylands (ASALs) of the IGAD region. The IGAD initiated the “IGAD Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiate (IDDRSI) in September 2011. IDDRSI is aimed at ending drought emergencies in the region through increased commitment by affected countries and enhanced regional and international partnerships to support investments in sustainable development, particular in the ASALs.

Role of NGOS/CSOs: The engagement of NGO/CSOs within the region is seen as crucial to the implementation of the IDDRSI given their importance as key stakeholders in the implementation of natural resource management, livelihood interventions and other resilience building initiatives in the region.

Purpose of the IGAD Regional CSO Facility: IGAD signed an agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2012 to support Civil Society Work on Natural Resource Governance in drylands.