IGAD Member States agreed that IGAD – Secretariat will establish a Platform Coordination Unit (PCU) to serve the Regional Platform on Drought Resilience and Sustainability by providing the necessary services relevant to IDDRSI. The core functions of the PCU include coordinating:

  1. Regional Programming and Resource Mobilization: Coordinate the identification, prioritization,  elaboration, and monitoring and evaluation of national and regional interventions aimed at building drought resilience especially in the IGAD arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) and assist in Resource Mobilization to address the identified priority interventions; 
  2. Regional Knowledge Management, communication and outreach:  To collect, analyze and disseminate/publish evidence based information, best practices and lessons learnt on the implementation of the interventions at national and regional levels, involve media for outreach and practice advocacy
  3. Regional Capacity development and learning to generate more coherence and effectiveness among research and capacity building centers of excellent in the region, IGAD-institutional capacity services to MS and IGAD’s Institutional Strengthening process