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Following the Nairobi declaration on 9 September 2011, whereby IGAD Heads of State and Governments and development partners agreed on a new twin-track approach to drought risk management, support of the livelihoods of Djibouti’s pastoral and agro-pastoral communities is moving towards emphasis on long-term programmes. The Priority Intervention Areas (PIAs) indicated in the CPP are (i) management of natural resources, (ii) access to market and small trade, (iii) support to livelihoods and basic services,(iv) disaster risk management for pastoralists, (v) knowledge management and research, (vi) conflict resolution and support of peace building processes. Priority is given to activities in the pastoral corridors (grazing and trade routes). All current and planned projects and programmes are in line with the PIAs of IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI).