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ince its inception in 2012/2013, considerable progress has been made on various fronts in the implementation of IDDRSI throughout the IGAD region, with a number of achievements having been recorded, including the following:

  • The establishment and operationalization of the IDDRSI Regional Platform 
  • The development of the IDDRSI Strategy and its subsequent interpretation into Country Programming Papers (CPPs) and Regional Programming Paper (RPP)
  • The translation of CPPs and RPP into investments plans and project proposals for resource mobilization, to secure funding from various sources
  • The execution of resilience oriented interventions, the progress of which is being monitored and reported in a coordinated manner. 
  • The establishment and operationalization of national IDDRSI Platform coordination structures
  • The establishment and operationalization of the IDDRSI Platform Coordination Unit (PCU) and the application of its functions in programming, knowledge management, partnerships enhancement, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation to support the implementation of IDDRSI
  • The focus on cross-border areas in the implementation of IDDRSI