Preparation Of a Regional Report On Gender Assessment Of The Land Sector In The IGAD Region

The “Improving Land Governance in IGAD Region” project aims at facilitating implementation of the AU Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in accordance with the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa, in order to facilitate access to land and security of land rights for all land users in the IGAD region, especially vulnerable groups such as pastoralists, women and youth. The countries in the IGAD region have different laws governing land as a consequence of their colonial history, diversity of cultural and religious norms, and endowment with natural resources. They are also at various levels in undertaking land reforms. The region is characterized by political instability, with the largest number of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the continent. Desertification, climate variability and climate change are major concerns in this
region, a region that has substantial desert mass. Drought and floods pose serious challenges for land management.

The project is premised on the IGAD Land Governance business plan 2019 – 2023 which provides a road map and a guide to the formulation and implementation of follow up projects and programs, building on the first phase of an SDC-funded land governance project 2014 -2019. The business plan is a living document, whose implementation and costing is flexible based on areas where most demand will arise from Member States. It is anticipated that in implementing the IGAD Regional Policy convergence framework, Member States are likely to prioritize certain aspects above others leading to the adjustments in funding lines or even seeking additional resources for the implementation of the emerging and/or most urgent and needed reforms. The range of landrelated issues that are envisaged in the business plan and suggested to be addressed through
projects and policy changes include the following key issues;

Go to opportunity🙁https://igad.int/attachments/article/2467/Terms%20of%20Reference%20for%20a%20Regional%20expert%20to%20Prepar%20a%20Regional%20Report%20on%20Gender%20Assessment%20of%20the%20Land%20Sector.pdf )

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