Invest. Secure. Enable pastoralism in Karamoja

About Karamoja Development Forum

Karamoja Development Forum started as an internet group on Facebook but with the ultimate aim of causing positive change in Karamoja region. It is a group of people of all races, gender and origin, what is common between them however is that they have Karamoja at heart and want something to be done to change the fate of its people. To cause this change, they are determined to start it, themselves.

Our vision is to provide a platform for Ngikarimojong to inform, sensitize, educate, advocate and discuss development issues; rights, duties and responsibilities and to effectively engage them in development, holding stakeholders accountable.

Karamoja: Dilemmas of communal land associations

For decades, the mechanism and processes of communal land protection in Karamoja have been mythical. Find out more about how KDF is working to improve awareness about customary land rights.


UnderMining Karamoja

It is 20 years since the start of industrial mining in Karamoja. ‘UnderMining Karamoja’ explores reasons why the industry is far from contributing to socioeconomic gains in the region, and worse, how it is shaping up massive land grabs in the region.


Invest. Secure. Enable pastoralism in Karamoja!

For two years we’ve run a campaign to protect the rights of pastoralists in Karamoja. With pastoralism in Karamoja facing ever increasing challenges most of which political, the environmental & ecological drivers of pastoralism continue to make it only a ‘turn-to’ livelihood. The right thing to do? Invest in, Secure and Enable Pastoralism!


Read some stories of survival, resilience and change in The Karamoja Pastoralist Newsletter – Issue 3, January 2020

By the time you read this magazine, Karamoja will have gone through a significant spate of insecurity and violence that we and other stakeholders are currently trying to mitigate. We try to showcase how these conflicts (September 2019 – February 2020) could have been avoided, partly through encouraging dialogue and supporting negotiation as a way of sharing pastoralist resources.

From KDF and the magazine team, we wish you great reading! For feedback or further detail on our work, and how you can support it, please do write to us at ed@kdfug.org

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  1. Abelle Joseph Lokol

    Thank you for this advocacy and influencing role. We need to bring on board our political leaders so that our agenda is presented in national Platforms including Parliament. We need to organize symposium to discuss Karamoja of yesterday, Karamoja of today and the Karamoja we desire/want tomorrow. etc

    Thank you once again for your contribution towards better Karamoja and developed Ngikarimojong.


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