About the Share Fair



The 2020 Horn of Africa and Sahel Virtual Share Fair furthers the mission of FAO, IGAD and CILLS to strengthen resilience knowledge transfer and cooperation between East and West Africa. The virtual share fair built on previous face-to-face experience and the good practice fact sheet to deliver a compelling digital experience to enrich and foster collaboration and innovation to tackle the agricultural challenges in a changing world.

Date and Venue

The virtual share fair took place from 19-23 October 2020.


Participants were drawn from:

  • CILSS, IGAD, UN agencies
  • Representatives of technical ministries in the Member States involved in the implementation of IDDRSI
  • Non-Governmental partners
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Community representatives
  • Private sector
  • Development partners



Call for Proposals

A call for proposals was put out for good practices within five themes aligned to CILSS domain of interest and the priority intervention areas (PIAs) of IDDRSI

Knowledge identification

Efforts were made to ensure that the thematic areas addressed the gender dimension and other cross-cutting issues such as migration, social inclusion and conflict sensitivity.

Selection of good practices

A technical content team comprising IGAD, CILSS and FAO selected the good practices based on specific criteria.

Knowledge capture

The team worked closely with the presenters to design their presentations and prepare for their participation in presentations and panel discussions, which were held using the Zoom platform. In addition, a virtual exhibition was open to participants throughout the share fair period.

Evaluation criteria