Since its inception and establishment in the post disarmament Karamoja, KDF has undertaken efforts to document the transformation of land and land related conflicts in the region, including efforts towards recovery and reconstruction. In the post disarmament period, the region experienced what was described by actors as relative peace characterised by return to ancestral lands, shared grazing resources, intertwined cross border relations, arrival of private investors and a large presence of government.  However, during this period, prioritisation on physical infrastructure development was undertaken as compared to the management of local community conversations for sustainable peace. This informed the major focus of KDF work; to provide platforms for dialogue, lobby and advocacy. From 2019, manifestations of conflict started to be seen and a conflict which would have been managed through more concerted support to dialogue groups now exploded to armed violence and re-armament of rival groups. In this Karamoja conflict documentary, KDF shares experiences, efforts and proposals from actors that have engaged prior to and during the conflict with a call to action by relevant actors.

Dominic Kathiya is the Coordinator of the Karamoja Cluster Cross-border Development Facilitation Unit based in Moroto, Uganda.