An assessment of the livestock by-products value chains in Somaliland: The case of bones and tallow. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice, 8:22.

Authors: Mtimet N., Mugunieri L.G., Wanyoike F., Kiptoo E., Gulaid I.
Date: 2018


In Somaliland, livestock products and exportation of the by-products to countries such as China are the major source of livelihood. However, for the past few years, livestock as the major source of livelihood has declined drastically. This report thus aims to seek a detailed review of the livestock by-product value chains, focusing on livestock bones and tallow in order to document the current status of these nascent value chains with a view to identifying the main constraints that hinder their development and expansion. The assessment mapped and characterised these value chains and also identified the main constraints that hinder their development.