BORESHA SHEKO Newsletter Issue 12

Authors: BORESHA
Date: 2020


This 12th edition of the BORESHA Sheko highlights the working relationship between Boresha and Dolo Ado Distict in Ethiopia. This good working relationship and close coordination that has expanded the business operations in the town leading to the creation of jobs for the youth in this region, BORESHA has contributed towards job creation since they are central to economic growth and political stability. Jobs create earnings, which create demand, which in turn create production and investment and hence more jobs. So far, BORESHA has supported twenty-four business cooperatives ranging from Agriculture and Fishing, Service, Manufacturing, Construction and waste management. The number of jobs this support has created and the ripple effect it has had in our local economy will never go unnoticed. The newsletter also highlights some of the key project achievements 1. Conducted 10 Radio talk shows engaging our key stakeholder in Mandera, Dollow and Dolo Ado 2. Index Based Livestock Insurance window 12 sales 3. Ongoing monitoring of and support to VSLA and LCIG groups 4. Study on Lessons from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Enterprise-Based Training (EBT) Initiatives 5. Additional water points rehabilitation/construction projects