Country Programming Framework to End Drought Emergencies in the Dryland Areas of Ethiopia (2019-2024)

Authors: Federal Republic of Ethiopia
Date: 2019
Status: Open Access


The Ethiopia Country Programming Paper (CPP) was revised by the National Task Team (NTT) established from concerned Ministries. The NTT thoroughly revised the previous CPP based on the mandate areas of each ministry and proposed new ideas for PIAs for the next phase of Drought Resilience Initiative. The country priorities for Ethiopia are summarized under the following eight major PIAs. These include: 1. Natural Resource and Environmental Management; 2.Market access, Trade and Financial Services; 3. Enhanced Production and Livelihood Diversification; 4. Disaster Risk Management; 5. Research, Knowledge Management and technology Transfer; 6. Peace Building, Conflict Prevention and Resolution; 7. Coordination, Institutional Strengthening, and Partnership and 8. Human Capital, Gender and Social Development.
Resource file: CPP ETHIOPIA