Downscaling of Climate information and Sector Advisories at Cluster Levels

Authors: IGAD
Date: 2020
Type: Report


IGAD, in collaboration with its specialized institutions; EU, UNDP, UNEP and Implementing Partners have been jointly working on the “Support for Effective Cooperation and Coordination of the Cross-border Initiatives” (SECCCI) in three clusters namely; South Omo-Turkana (Cluster I), Marsabit-Moyale (Cluster II) and Mandera Cluster (cluster III) bordering Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This workshop report aims to present downscaled climate outlook for OND season and generate advisories for the crop agriculture, livestock, water, Disaster and Risk Management and conflict, migration and displacement sectors based on the OND 2020 downscaled forecast together with key stakeholders and experts working in the three IGAD clusters of the SECCCI project.
Resource file: Workshop Report