Enhancing Resilience to Drought and Related Disasters for communities in the Karamoja Cluster (Revised)

Date: 2021
Type: Programme


This programme document outlines an attempt to demonstrate IGAD’s cross border development approach in the Karamoja Cluster, an area shared across the common boundary between Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda. The programme document presents a number of resilience-building proposals developed in a bottom-up approach, involving cross-border dialogues and consultations. The proposed programme advocates the participation of agro-pastoral and pastoral communities. They include the elderly, women and youth, members of the local administration, national experts, IGAD Secretariat and Development Partners. The Karamoja Resilience Programme (2021-2025) consists of five priority areas identified by the affected community during cross border dialogues that took place in July 2018. These priority areas are Rangeland and Pasture; Water Management and Development; Livelihoods, Animal Production and Health; Peace and Security; Social Services (including Health), Education and Markets and Roads. During the elaboration of the priority areas, extensive consultations were made with the communities, cluster focal groups, and national technical experts.

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