Enhancing the provision of livestock marketing information in Somaliland

Authors: Godiah, L. Mugunieri., Baker, D., Elmi, I.I., Costagli, R., Gulaid, I. and Wanyoike, F.
Date: 2014


Livestock production is the sole source of livelihood in Somaliland and employs about 70% of the population and contributes approximately 60% of GDP and 85% of export earnings. As a result, Livestock Marketing Information System (LMIS) was initiated in 2007 to address the constraint of high market information costs in Somaliland as well as provide timely and current information to livestock producers and traders about the market prices of different grades of export quality livestock. The study thus seeks to provide an empirical appraisal of the validity of the Somaliland LMIS as a decision making tool by relevant stakeholders and ways on how to improve on the livestock marketin information in the country.