Ethiopia Country Programming Paper 2019-2024 – Consolidating the Path to Resilience and Sustainability

Authors: Federal Republic of Ethiopia
Date: 2019
Status: Open Access


This second phase of the Country Programming Paper is a revision of the first phase of the intervention with the overarching objective of including the contemporary and outstanding both the national and regional issues. It has eight Priority Intervention Areas (PIAs), namely Natural Resource and Environmental Management; Market Access, Trade and Financial Services; Enhance Production and Livelihood Diversification; Disaster Risk Management; Research, Knowledge Management and Technology; Peace Building, Conflict Prevention, and Resolution; and Coordination, Institutional Strengthening and Partnership and Human Capital, Gender and Social Development. Like the previous paper, it addresses very important issues that can contribute to building resilience capacity of community to shocks to end drought emergencies in the Horn of Africa.
Resource file: CPP ETHIOPIA