Gap Analysis of Cross-Border Trade Policies, Bilateral Agreements and Implementation Challenges of IGAD Minimum Integration Plan

Authors: IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD)
Date: 2017
Type: Report


This report underscores the importance of cross-border trade policies, bilateteral agreements, together with the need for a sustainable and market oriented economic activity, as the priority areas that IGAD needs to emphasize on invits continued effort to streamline intra-regional and cross-border livestock trade in the region. The report identifies the following thematic areas for intervention: (1) Livestock value chain development in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas; (2) Better implementation of policies, regulations and agreements with enhanced enforcement capacity and improved compliance (including compliance at government level); and (3) Vesting additional powers and responsibilities in IGAD to enable it monitor and evaluate implementation and enforce national governments for compliance.