Gender and Resilience Policy Brief – Human Capital, Gender and Social Development

Authors: IGAD
Date: 2021


The IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) has since 2013 inspired and guided regional and national priorities to counter drought emergencies in East and Horn of Africa countries. The IDDRSI Strategy (2019-2024) acknowledges that gender issues are critical for the Human Capital, Gender and Social Development priority intervention area (PIA 8). A gender analysis was undertaken for the IDDRSI Strategy, Regional Programming Paper (RPP) and the member states Country Programming Papers (IGAD, 2016). This brief examines gender issues relating to access to health and nutrition, access to education, the promotion of gender equality, and migration and displacement. The brief highlights the challenges women face in the above areas and recommends actions at both the regional and country-level for the identified challenges. It based on the review of the gender analysis report.