Identification and Mapping of Key Cross-Border Livestock Routes and Markets, Services and Priority Transboundary Animal Diseases including Zoonotics for Regional and International Trade

Authors: Nadhem Mtimet, Francis Wanyoike, Lawrence Mugunieri Godiah, Nicholas Ndiwa, Fred Wesonga and Karen Marshall.
Date: 2014
Type: Report


The objective of the study was to Identify and map key cross-border livestock routes, markets, services and priority trans-boundary animal diseases including zoonotics for regional and international trade in order to inform resource allocation (human, physical and financial) for animal disease control and trade by IGAD and Member States, leading to more effective surveillance and control of trans-boundary diseases. Thus, the results are to be used in determining the adequacy of the existing policies, laws, services and facilities supporting / facilitating cross border livestock trade and identifying obstacles and appropriate responses to the threat of spread of priority animal diseases in IGAD MS.