Kenya Country Programming Framework to End Drought Emergencies in the Horn of Africa

Authors: Republic of Kenya
Date: 2012


The adverse impacts of the 2010/2011 drought emergency in the Horn of Africa and particularly Northern Kenya brought about serious soul-searching in the Government’s efforts and actions in effectively dealing with drought emergencies. Consequently, the Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands together with respective line Ministries embarked on developing a Country Programme Paper on ending drought emergencies. This Programme Paper was founded on the basis of building resilience and pursuing ASALs development objectives in a holistic manner. The six Strategic Response Areas in the Country Programme Paper on Ending Drought Emergencies are: Peace and human security; Humanitarian assistance; Climate-proofed Infrastructure development; Building human capital; Sustainable livelihoods adaptive to Climate change and Multi-sector and Multi-stakeholder coordination. It succinctly prescribes effective corresponding interventions on which programmes and projects to end drought emergencies will be based.