Land Cover Changes in Lower Jubba Somalia

Authors: Linda Ajuang Ogallo, Kenneth Mwangi, Philip Omondi, Gilbert Ouma, Gordon Wayumba
Date: 2018


"Charcoal is the main cooking source of energy used by millions of households in Somalia and has been described as “black gold” because of the revenue it produces. The objective of this study was to understand the extent of land cover change, given the widely reported charcoal trade in the South of Somalia. Land cover change analysis was done using remotely data from Landsat imagery. Different images covering all districts in Lower Jubba from 1993/95, 2000 and 2014 were analysed and compared. A survey was conducted in Lower Jubba to determine the divers of deforestation and degradation in the region. Results showed a 50% reduction in forest cover and a 17% reduction in woodlands between 1993/95 and 2014. Results from the survey showed charcoal production as a maladaptive response to climate extremes. If business continues as usual with deforestation, the entire area could completely be deforested in the future. Results from this study can be useful in the development of strategies for reforestation, environmental management and sustainable development for this region."