Overview and General Recommendations – Mapping Assessment & Management of Transboundary Water Resrouces in the IGAD Sub-Region

Authors: Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS)
Date: 2011
Type: Report


The project executed by OSS was funded by the African Water Facility (AWF / AfDB). It has developed a shared vision of collaborative management of transboundary water resources to support sustainable development in the IGAD subregion. Improve knowledge of water resources in the IGAD subregion; achieve a better understanding of the links between the management of water resources, the preservation of the environment and the socio-economic aspects; support policies and strategies for joint management of shared water resources; Participate in the development of a strategy for food and water security in the IGAD subregion; Strengthen capacities at national and sub-regional level to improve water resources management and promote sustainable development.