Sector Plan for Drought Risk Management and Ending Drought Emergencies. Third Medium Term Plan 2018-2022

Authors: Republic of Kenua
Date: 2019
Status: Open Access


The Third Medium Term Plan is guided by Kenya’s Vision 2030, which is the country’s long term development strategy that seeks to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing upper middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030. The plan is also guided by the Constitution of Kenya and incorporates the priorities outlined in the Big 4 Agenda which is the focus of the government during this medium term period.

The MTP III endeavours to move Kenya’s economy towards a higher growth trajectory to achieve the target of ten percent economic growth rate by the end of the planning period (2018-2022). The MTP III prioritizes policies, programmes and projects that will generate broad-based inclusive economic growth, faster job creation, and the reduction of poverty and inequality, that takes into account climate change impacts, and that meets the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goals of the African Union Agenda 2063. The Plan builds on the gains made so far in key sectors of the economy, including completing projects initiated during the Second MTP.

Resource file: CPP KENYA