South Sudan Country Programming Paper 2019-2024 – Consolidating the Path to Resilience and Sustainability

Authors: Republic of South Sudan
Date: 2019
Status: Open Access


The IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative was launched and South Sudan, like all other IGAD countries, developed this Country Programming Paper (CPP). This CPP, which was developed through a consultative process, articulates South Sudan’s strategy for ending drought emergencies and building resilient communities, outlining priorities, and a path for coordinated action and resource mobilisation. It identifies key issues as per the IDDRSI priority intervention areas (PIAs) that would enrich the CPP Phase 2 (2019-2024) document for South Sudan. The CPP serves as a planning, coordination and resource mobilization tool for projects and investments required to contribute to ending drought emergencies in the region.
Resource file: CPP SOUTH SUDAN