Sudan Country Programme Paper To End Drought Emergencies in the Horn of Africa

Authors: Republic of the Sudan
Date: 2014


The repeated food crisis in the Horn of Africa (HoA) has prompted calls for a renewed commitment to end hunger and create sustainable food security in the sub-region. Consequently, an analysis of key priorities covered in major policy documents (Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme CAADP, Agriculture Strategy, Food Security and Nutrition policy among others) was conducted. The use of CAADP as an overall framework (both for public policy and development assistance) is essential for harmonization of policies at national and sub-regional levels and has been accepted by most countries in the sub-region as demonstrated by the signing of several CAADP Compacts. The objective of this country program paper thus is to improve livelihoods and increase resilience capacities of the different economic sectors of the drought-prone communities in the rainfed and irrigated areas in the Republic of the Sudan.