The first Regional Steering Committee Meeting of the program to Build Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa (BREFONS) was organized in Djibouti on 29-30 May 2023. The meeting reviewed the progress of implementing the project activities, dedicated to building resilience for Food Security and Nutrition in the Horn of Africa.

The main objective of the meeting of the RPSC meeting was

  • To review the Progress of the Implementation of the Regional Component
  • To review the Regional M&E Result Framework
  • Review the progress of the Implementation of BREFONS in MS and M&E Result Framework
  • Review the Implementing Agencies (IGAD, CIAT, IITA, Oxfam) indicators based on activities for relevant outputs for each outcome in the PAR
  • Review the country Result framework and identify indicators that are in common.
  • Planning for the next BREFONS Activities in the Member States

The program to build resilience for food and nutrition security in the Horn of Africa (BREFONS) is a continuation of the DRSLP 1 that was implemented from 2013 to 2021. BREFONS is the flagship project of IGAD and the AFDB that mobilized more than 160 million USD to the IGAD member states to strengthen the food systems in the Arid and Semi-arid lands of the region. IGAD implements the regional component of the project through various units.

The Regional Component comprises four (4) components, namely: (i) strengthening the resilience of agro-pastoral production systems to Climate Change; (ii) Supporting Agribusiness Development for Youth and Women; (iii) Strengthening the Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change; and (iv) Program Coordination and Management.

This Regional Component is part of the regional investment operation, which will be implemented in 5 countries, namely: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan, which have a Global Appraisal Report, Regional Component Report, and 5 Country Component Reports.

At the Regional level, the IGAD Secretariat, acting through the Platform Coordinating Unit (PCU), is responsible for coordinating the program. The Regional Programme Coordination Unit (RPCU), set up by the IGAD Secretariat as a functional part of the PCU, is dedicated to coordinating the program, overseen by a Regional Program Steering Committee that provides guidance ensures that the objectives assigned to the regional project are achieved.
The Regional Project Steering Committee provides guidance and ensures that the objectives assigned to the BREFONS are achieved.