South Sudan Country Programming Paper- To End Drought Emergencies in the Horn of Africa

Authors: Republic of South Sudan
Date: 2013


South Sudan country programming paper outlines national priorities for strategic interventions to undergird deliberate action and efforts to end drought emergencies in South Sudan. The medium and long-term vision is that of resilient, productive, environmentally sustainable livelihoods, households and communities in drought prone areas and integration of dryland and arid and semi-arid (ASAL) areas in the wider economy, in a context of peace, stability and prosperity. The goal is to break the cycle of emergency (food crisis and emergency, erosion of coping capacities, the decimation of livelihoods, incessant natural resource-based conflict), and structural poverty that has characterized areas recurrently affected by drought, while realizing the latent potential of the drylands and ASALs to improve livelihoods, food and nutrition security and incomes, and foster economic growth and stability. This will be achieved by providing integrated support for strengthening resilience in all drought prone areas, enhancing dryland and ASAL livelihoods, developing their access to social services, improving productivity and links across the economy. This will also require to ensure that all proposed activities are nutrition sensitive, i.e. that they contribute to improved nutritional status of the population, which is the ultimate goal of the programme.